1928 SS EUROPA ship (part 1) – Germany

This section is in regard to the 1st German ship called SS EUROPA (Germany is now on ship number 6 named Europa – over the last 90 years) – The 1928 SS EUROPA ship had a very exciting career !

Started life as a Europe to US (and Canada) passenger ship until 1938 (had a catapult fitted for faster mail transport by aircraft) – In 1938 the ship was mothballed to become a German the auxiliary Aircraft Carrier number 1 (did not happen), and in 1945 it was seized by the US army and use as a troopship from Europe to USA (to return soldiers to USA) and was name USS Europa (US navy AP 177) the in 1946 it was given to France as part of the war reparation which Germany agreed to give to France (following WWII), and use as a liner called Liberté (Liberty) until 1963 when it was finally broken up in Italy. Today page is part 1 of 6 showing the ship in the early 1930’s as MS Europa… Enjoy !