Europa Collector Stamp Society of Australasia

Brief History on Europa Stamps

The EUROPA postage stamps (also known as Europa – CEPT until 1992) is an annual joint issue of stamps with...

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Upcoming Meetings: Sunday 5th December 2021 (3pm - 5pm) No specific topic (yet). Christmas gathering. Light Christmas Supper. Sunday 30th...

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Our meetings have changed to Sunday afternoon (4pm – 6pm), at Paris International Cooking School (216 Parramatta Road Stanmore NSW 2048).

Coming up meetings:

  • 24th April 2022 (AGM)
  • 7th August 2022: Luxembourg 1956 EUROPA
  • 30th October 2022: Stamps issued by PostEurop until 2021
  • (3.30pm) 18th December 2022: Christmas Special and bring EUROPA (or related) items of interest.
  • 29th January 2023: AGM, Europa PNC (coins related to Europa) by Laurent V
  • 30th April 2023: Nature and Fauna by Eddie F.
  • 30th July 2023: surprise topic (a.k.a. to be confirmed) by Phillip M.
  • 29th October 2023: surprise topic (a.k.a. to be confirmed) by George P.

Please note the meeting dates and times in 2023 are the same day (5th Sunday of the month) as Petersham Stamp and Coin Fair, and we moved the meeting times to 4pm start to accommodate Petersham Stamp and Coin Fair.

Free snacks (usually made by Chef Laurent), and free barista-style coffee (by Antony) are available throughout the meeting. Visitors are welcome.