Letter from France to UK (Lundy Island), Return to Sender and Taxed by UK Post Office

This is a registered letter posted from Le Havre in France to the British island of Lundy. Letter was return to France but a EUROPA 1 Puffin cinderella stamp was affixed by the Lundy post master (dully cancelled), mail had to return to France via mainland Britain and UK Post Master (in Bideford) decided to […]

France illegal usage of stamps resulting in letter being taxed…

On those 2 covers posted from France, others country stamps were illegally affixed on, thus leading to the letters being taxed. First letter bears France 1965 EUROPA stamp (0.30c) with a Belgium stamp, and second letter bears 1968 EUROPA stamp (0.30c) with a range of Monaco stamps, both letters were posted under paid to Belgium […]