Ship named EUROPA

The oldest ship name EUROPA was a British steamer call SS EUROPA which was built in 1847 – Today I would like to show you 2 stamp-less covers which traveled onboard this ship – First cover is dated 1850 and the second one is from 1861, I hope you will enjoy this little slice of […]

EUROPA and Antarctica

With today’s post I would like to take you to the world coldest place – Antarctica ! the cover (with 1962 EUROPA stamps) I show here is posted from Greece and traveled to Antarctica via Argentina (Ushua├»a) in South America… Very unusual indeed with many interesting postmarks (both at front and back of the cover) […]

1956 EUROPA from France

In 1956 like other countries France issues 2 EUROPA stamps to start the thematic of EUROPA, those 2 values were a pink 15f and blue 30f stamp. (Luxembourg issued 3 values that year). On today’s post you see those 2 stamps on a very special “un-adopted design project” also signed by Daniel Gonzague and cancelled […]